What Is The Deal With Airbrush Makeup?

Behind the scenes look of a professional airbrush makeup application

Behind the scenes look of a professional airbrush makeup application

What is the deal with airbrush makeup? We get this question a lot from our clients - since airbrush makeup is all the rave.

Airbrush makeup is our “go to” with most clients because of many benefits. However, there are times our professional makeup artists may not recommend airbrush makeup for your skin type.

We wanted to break down the general benefits for airbrush makeup - and why this is our most popular makeup choice. As always, we recommend talking with your makeup artist prior to starting your makeup service - to make sure airbrush makeup is the best choice for you!

  • What is airbrush makeup and what are the benefits?

    • It lasts. Airbrush makeup has become extremely popular within the wedding and production industries. For most skin types, it creates a smooth, flawless look that is rated to last all day. Most airbrush makeup is silicone based, which means it lasts longer and is more water resistant than regular makeup. With airbrush makeup, you won’t need to touch up your makeup throughout the night (as you would with most makeup applications).

    • It is natural looking. Like all of our professional makeup applications - our professional makeup artists will build onto your makeup look to create the makeup style of your choice. Airbrush makeup is incorporated with our traditional makeup application, to create a lightweight, natural foundation finish that is custom blended to your skin tone. For fuller coverage (such as hiding skin imperfections and blemishes) or contoured makeup looks, your makeup artist may recommend using a traditional makeup base (while incorporating airbrush makeup over the base to set it in place).

    • It is lightweight. With airbrush makeup, you won’t feel like you have heavy makeup on. It creates a lightweight, airy feeling on the skin that lasts.

Ember Hubler