Feeling a little bored lately? In need of a pick-me-up?

Here's a free idea - well, free until your Amazon shopping cart is full of products and you hit that 1-Click To Buy button. Either way, find the wildest lip color you can think of, put it on, and call it a "Bold Lip Look". It's pretty much guaranteed to pull you out of whatever rut you find yourself in. 

A clean makeup look is not necessarily a no-makeup look—rather, it’s a precise look. The lip color speaks for itself and with bold accents to bring out your best features. This isn't the look for you if you are wanting to be behind the scenes, rather being yourself and embracing the beautiful features on your face for all to see and love. 

What's great about this look in particular is its ability to walk the line between fearlessness and glamour. A pop of color on clean beautiful skin just sounds easy and cool. Why don't you try it out today? This could easily turn into the thing that you do, "Look, there's Becky with that bold lip color of hers - she's so confident". 

This lip look is more than just that, it's an attitude adjustment. The moment you start to feel confident from within, it shows to those on the outside. It's easy to get there from that 1-Click To Buy Button and it's just the first step to endless days of being fearlessly you with a pop of color.

Here you can see the bold lip look on our beautiful model - this look was done by our talented artist Veronica. She knew exactly how to accomplish this makeup look with a fierce red lip gloss and a clear glitter gloss to go on top. The flawless execution is only part of this look, you have to own it and be confident with what lip color you have on.

During our photo shoot for this look our model is naturally gorgeous but isn't used to being in front of the camera. She's a regular girl like all of you reading this blog post. Once we got her into hair and makeup her persona started to change into this glam goddess. The change really happened when we put the bold red color on her lips. 

She looked in the mirror and was now a diva with an attitude and we loved it! The proof was right in front of our eyes, this girl got her confidence from the makeup that she was wearing and she owned it like her life depended on it. Now when we added glitter to her lips, all bets were off that she was owning it in front of that camera.

Just like the model, throw on some killer shades before walking out the door and everyone will be turning their heads on the streets wishing they were you.