Every year major fashion empires have fashion shows within the same time frame and all in New York City - this is better known as "Fashion Week".

This is the time where we find out the newest trends in clothing and makeup from the greatest fashion brands in the world. From the runway they will end up on every beauty related social media account there is. 

From there the general public will pick up on these and do everything possible to accomplish these looks themselves. Then people will post their takes on them to their social media account, making other people look at these photos and they too will try them out. It's a constant cycle and it happens every year and honestly, we love it. This is how the beauty universe thrives and lives on as new things are being discovered and adored.

I scoured the internet world to find out what everyone is labeling as the best makeup trends for the 2018 summer season that is quickly approaching us. From endless blogs and social media accounts, I have found the top twelve looks that everyone was talking about from major runways of brilliant designers that we all love.

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